Pathway to Licensure

Admission to Licensure Program

The Education Department of Augsburg University follows Minnesota administrative rule regarding admission to the licensure program. The department uses multiple criteria and assessments to identify candidates who demonstrate potential for professional success in teaching.

Undergraduate students, review detailed online information about this process

Graduate students do not complete this process as they were accepted into the licensure program upon entrance into the University.

Field Experience

Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) requires all candidates for initial licensure to complete a minimum of 100 classroom-based hours of field experience prior to student teaching.

The Education Department at Augsburg currently requires the following:

License Kinder Grades 1-3 Grades 4-6 Remainder
ELEM (K-6) 10 30 30 30

ELEM Remainder completed at grade level of teacher candidate’s choice in grades K-6.

License Grades 5-8 Grades 9-12 Remainder
5-8 GenSci Stand Alone 100
Comm Arts (5-12) 30 30 40
Health (5-12) 30 30 40
Math (5-12) 30 30 40
Social Studies (5-12) 30 30 40
Chemistry (9-12) 100
Life Science (9-12) 100
Physics (9-12) 100

SECONDARY Remainder completed at grade level of teacher candidate’s choice in grades 5-12.

License Grades K-6 Grades 5-8 Grades 9-12 Remainder
ESL (K-12) 30 30 30 10
Music (K-12) 30 30 30 10
Phys. Educ (K-12) 30 30 30 10
Special Educ (K-12) 30 30 30 10
Visual Arts (K-12) 30 30 30 10

K-12 REMAINDER completed at grade level of teacher candidate’s choice in grades K-12.

SPED will complete an additional 40 hours in the year-long Public Achievement placement. SPED students must also take care to complete hours for all disability areas: ASD, DCD, EBD, LD, and OHI.

Field Experience Assistance, contact information in AugNet Directory Search:

  • General Education in Minneapolis: Stephanie Duncomb
  • Special Education in Minneapolis: Emily Wollak
  • Rochester students, all licensures: Dr. Sally Durand

Student Teaching

Applications for student teaching are to be submitted electronically in the Tk20 system by potential student teachers after they have attended a required information session. All potential student teachers (general education and special education) must apply to student teach the semester before the intended term. Deadlines are generally October 1 for the following spring, and February 1 for the following fall semester.

Specific meeting times and sites will be announced in the Education Department Newsletter.

Licensure Exams

Applications for teacher candidates pursuing initial licensure are required to provide evidence of having passed the MTLE pedagogy and MTLE content exams. Teacher candidates pursuing additional licensure must provide evidence of having passed the MTLE content exams for the new licensure area.

We recommend that teacher candidates plan to take the pedagogy and content exams after all required licensure courses have been completed, but before student teaching. This is so teacher candidates can budget for the licensure fees before incurring the expenses of the student teaching term and so they don’t have to split focus between student teaching and test preparation.

Remember: These exams are completely the responsibility of licensure candidate. They are completed outside of Augsburg classroom time. It is important to budget for exam fees. Google “MTLE” to find the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations webpage.

Exam Study Resources

The Lindell Library has a number of MTLE study guides on 24-hour reserve. Teacher candidates can also check out study guides from their local public library. Study guides are also available for purchase from the MTLE test vendor.

Wondering which pedagogy and content exams you should take? Check out our Licensure Exam reference.

PELSB, the licensing board, maintains detailed information online about licensure requirements.