Graduate Students

Designed as a reference for students in the Graduate Programs in Education.

Graduate Program Notification-Request Form

Students enrolled in the Graduate Programs in Education should use this online form to notify the Graduate Program of important status changes like: taking a term off, changing licensure concentration, taking a course elsewhere, and graduation eligibility. This should also be used to submit requests to re-evaluate coursework, make a program modification, or petition to take a course while student teaching.

Notification-Request Form

Budgeting for License-Related Expenses

This guide has been created for teacher candidates in Augsburg University’s teacher education program. It includes the most common license-related expenses incurred by teacher candidates.

License Expenses Budgeting Infographic

Completion Advising

Students completing a license with their degree will receive a degree completion audit early in their student teaching term, or observed practicum term.

Students earning just the master’s degree should request a Graduation Audit once they’ve completed 12 graduate-level credits (this would include transferred credits).

To request the Graduation Audit use the Graduate Program Request-Notification form above. The Audit should be requested only if you have not already been contacted by the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Review informational presentation about Completion Advising

Graduate Programs in Education Contacts

Dr. Jason Lukasik, director, Graduate Programs in Education (all students)

Caren Custer, Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs in Education (all students)
phone: 612-330-1391