Field Experience

Field Experience is an important part of a professional program. Teacher candidates observe, practice and reflect upon theoretical constructs and pedagogical knowledge discussed within their education courses. At Augsburg, field experience is embedded into candidates’ coursework, which allows them to apply what they are learning into a K-12 classroom and reflect on the successes and challenges they experience.

While learning through the experience in the classroom is a primary objective of field experience, it is also important to consider the needs of the students, the cooperating teacher, and the school in which teacher candidates are working. Academic work will provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to be a teacher; field experience will provide them with an opportunity to practice, learn, and reflect on the real-life experience of teaching.

General State Requirements

Per Minn Administrative Rules 8705.0200 Subp. 6,”Field experience” means a school-based opportunity in which candidates observe teachers and students, assist, tutor, instruct, or conduct research.

Field Experience at Augsburg University ensures that candidates have meaningful experiences in K – 12 classrooms that prepare them for teaching while fulfilling the rules set in Minn. Stat. § 8705.1000 Subp. 3 and Minn Stat. § 8705.1010. Subp. 3 .

Candidates have experiences with diverse populations, including students with a range of exceptionalities, and students representing a diversity of socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds;

Program-Specific Requirements

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