Student Success Committee

About the Student Success Committee of University Council:

The University Committee on Student Success focuses on the campus conditions that impact student success and progress to graduation.  The committee reviews and proposes programs, policies, and structures that support student success.  The committee will evaluate and draft proposals based on alignment with institutional graduation targets, financial sustainability, and alignment with other institutional priorities.   Each year, no later than July 1, the committee will submit an Annual Report to the University Council and President. A copy of the report will be shared with the Faculty and Staff Senates.

Membership: The committee has 11 members.  During the first year of the committee, there will be 3 administrators (Provost and VP of Enrollment, who will jointly chair the committee, and the Chief Student Success Officer), 3 faculty members, and 5 staff members, serving overlapping 3 year terms.  The membership represents Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, and Athletics.  For 2015-16, the members are: William Mullen & Karen Kaivola (co-chairs), Catherine Bishop, Alyson Olson, Carly Eichorst, Carrie Shidla, Jacqueline deVries , Jennifer Jacobs, Michael Grewe, Matthew Maruggi, John Zobitz

Contact: Catherine Bishop, Chief Student Success Officer, at or 612-330-1117