Space Use Planning Subcommittee

About the Subcommittee

The University Council Space Use Planning Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the University Council Design Committee. The space subcommittee provides guidance to the President, the administration, and University Council on issues of campus space use and designation. The subcommittee:

  • reviews all requests for new space and changes in space use, working to ensure that all groups using the intended space and all resource needs are considered before space changes move forward.
  • plays a lead role in developing recommendations for department moves into vacated spaces following the addition of the Hagfors Center. Given that these moves require capital investments, the subcommittee develops a proposed set of moves for each fiscal year, which are subject to approval by the President’s Office and require funding in the budget cycle for that fiscal year.

Process for Space Use & Planning Considerations

  • Confirm recommendation with appropriate division leader
  • Confirm project scope, cost, funding, and timeline
  • Identify any additional displacement/implications that need to be addressed (including costs)
  • Review financial implications with CFO regarding capital investment and, if applicable, use of unrestricted funds

Subcommittee Membership

  • Emma Allen, student representative
  • Sarah Cash-Darvell, director of university events
  • Mary Hollerich, library director
  • Chris Houltberg, assistant professor of art and design, director of graphic design
  • Rebecca John (chair), vice president of marketing and communication, instructor
  • Mel Lee, assistant athletic director, assistant softball coach, instructor
  • Bryan Massich, maintenance manager
  • Matt Schornstein, associate director, information technology systems
  • Leon Van Eck, instructor of physician assistant program
  • Jacob Walter, administrative program coordinator for academic affairs

Subcommittee staff support: Michael Fetting, administrative assistant in student affairs

Upcoming 2021 meetings

April 7, 2021 (Zoom)

Subcommittee Actions

Fall 2018: During the fall semester 2018, the committee collaborated with the CFO and Facilities to develop and issue an RFI to select an architect to develop concepts and FY2019-20 budget costs for potentially remodeling the 3rd floor and/or lower level of Memorial Hall (spaces targeted for the Nursing and the Social Work departments), and explore on-campus locations and remodeling costs to move the Physician Assistant program back to the Minneapolis campus in spring/summer 2020.

Summer 2018: The Space Subcommittee’s focus in summer 2018 was the planning work for the top-priority department moves identified and confirmed in the spring of 2018 (in particular, the Nursing Department and the Christenen Center for Vocation). In addition, due to changes in the campus plan at Luther Seminary, the Space Subcommittee also dedicated its focus to assessing options — at Luther and at Augsburg — for relocating the Physician Assistant program, ultimately recommending moving the program back to Augsburg’s Minneapolis campus.

Spring 2018: The spring 2018 Space Subcommittee summary identifies the top-priority post-Hagfors department move recommendations. These recommendations were reviewed with the President’s Office and communicated in the March 2018 Focused Conversation sessions. The summary also provides an overview of work on other space change requests (new and ongoing) as well as defining on the processes and scope for long-term space use planning.

Fall 2017: In fall 2017, the subcommittee continued to address near-term space needs and engaged in cross-functional planning around larger space change proposals. During the semester, the subcommittee began exploration of potential post-Hagfors space move recommendations in consultation with the Provost’s Office. The post-Hagfors planning continued into the spring term, expanding to include input from non-academic departments.

Summer 2017: During the summer of 2017, the subcommittee addressed a number of near-term space needs and began work to compile a campuswide space review in preparation for post-Hagfors space move recommendations.  

Spring 2017: The Space Use Planning Subcommittee launched in March 2017. Its first two months involved reviewing existing documentation and campus plans, discussing scope and guidelines for space use recommendations, and planning for campuswide input to inform post-Hagfors space move recommendations.