Resources Committee

About the University Council Resources Committee:

The Resources Committee’s primary function is to provide guidance to the President and University Council on aligning the allocation of available resources with our strategic plan and mission. As part of its charge, the Committee will review budget priorities and updates as well as requests and recommendations for capital investments, projects, and improvements; employee benefits; and other institutional expenditures. The Committee will advise the administration during the annual budget process but will also meet, as necessary, throughout the academic year.

2022-2023 Membership:
Chairs – Rebecca John and Paula O’Loughlin
Faculty – Andy Aoki, Jeanne Boeh, Stacy Freiheit, Marc Isaacson, and Michael Lansing
Staff – John Coskran, Michael Grewe, Scott, Krajewski, Douachee Lee, and Stacy Severson
Student – Salma Caamir

Admin – Cyndi Berg