February 2019 Auggie Pride Recipient

Congratulations to Mai Chong Vang, Financial Aid Counselor, for receiving the February Auggie Pride Award. During changes within her department both in staffing and processes, Mai has thrived as a fantastic counselor to our students and families. Staff Senate admires her outstanding work and are honored to award her with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.

Mai Chong Vang

The financial aid department gathers for a group photo
Congratulations Mai for receiving the February Auggie Pride Award

Nomination: Mai Chong is an invaluable member of our office and the larger university. She does outstanding work each day and is always ready and willing to learn new skills in order to assist other staff with their work. This has been noticed and greatly appreciated recently in our office as we have been short-staffed during the last few months. It’s not only that she has stepped in to help others with their work when needed, but she has done so while adapting to her own shifting work. As a result of a change in processes, she has nearly doubled the amount of financial aid awards that have been sent to prospective students compared to this time last year. In addition to her work behind the scenes, she is a fantastic counselor to students and families. She consistently provides a calm demeanor and presents complex financial aid information in an accessible way for students to understand.