Past Staff Award Recipients


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Maddie Chu, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, Admissions Office

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Kevin Cheatham, Program Manager & Assistant Director, TRIO Student Support Services
Ariel Gutierrez, Event and Conference Coordinator, University Events
Katie Lane, Assistant Director, CLASS Office
Catherine Maun, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Finance and Administration
Muna Sheckdon, Academic Advisor I, Academic Advising

Outstanding Department or Group:
Student Affairs


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Stacy Severson. Director of Enrollment Development, Admissions Office

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Karen Alexander, Access Librarian, Library
Natalie Jacobson, Campus Kitchen Coordinator, the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship
Lydia Madden, Program Coordinator, the Department of Social Work
Charlotte Swanson, Student Employment Specialist, Human Resources
Sandy Tilton, Employer Relations & Operations Associate, the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work

Outstanding Department or Group:
Augsburg Athletic Trainers – Missy Strauch, Marissa Lindback, Jess Brestel, Mac Ideson, Mary Becerril-Gonzalez


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Kate Gray, Career Specialist, Strommen Center

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Beth Carlson, Assistant Director, Center for Wellness & Counseling
Rev. Babette Chatman, University Pastor, Campus Ministry
Mike Fetting, Program Coordinator, Student Affairs
Jack Hein, Assistant Director for Events and Engagement
Denielle Stepka, Assistant Director of Marketing, Creative

Outstanding Department or Group
Information Technology
COVID-19 Task Force


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Max Poessnecker, LGBTQIA+ Student Services and Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Hana Dinku, Pan-Afrikan Center
Lonna Field, Christensen Center for Vocation
Eric Graham, Facilities
Allyson Green, Sabo Center
Marah Jacobson-Schulte, Provost’s Office

Outstanding Department or Group:
University Events


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Stewart Van Cleve, Library

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Kristina Fruge, Christensen Center for Vocation
Bryan Massich, Facilities Management
Lisa Raetz, Biology
Jennifer Simon, American Indian Student Services
Ann Marie Yacobucci, Education Department

Outstanding Department or Group:
Center for Wellness & Counseling


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Emily Reinert, Strommen Career and Internship Center

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Sarah Cash-Darvell, University Events
Kris Connell, Athletics Facilities
David Hamilton, Center for Global Education and Experience
Ron Kurpiers, Library
Joe Mann, Marketing and Communications


Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Mara Kilgore, Academic Affairs

Outstanding Staff Awards:
Nate Hallanger, Academic Affairs
Verlon Moses, Custodial Services
Devon Ross, Undergraduate Admissions
Dennis Stuckey, Facilities Management
Bill Wittenbreer, Library


Avis Benson, Information Technology
Jill Davenport, Purchasing and Central Services
Sonja Hagander, Campus Ministry
Melissa Lee, Athletics
Leah Spinosa de Vega, Center for Global Education and Experience
Laura Swanson, Marketing and Communication


Barb Gaiser, Office of the President
Stephanie Ruckel, Student Financial Services
James Shropshire, Public Safety
Missy Strauch, Athletics
Eric Strom, Information Technology
Stephanie Weiss, Marketing and Communication


Jodi Collen, Event and Conference Planning
Crystal Comer, Registrar’s Office
Scott Krajewski, Information Technology
Nancy Shaeffer, Graduate Admissions
Martha Truax, Development
Abennet Tulu, Custodial Services


Sandy Fevig, Physician Assistant Studies
Judy Niemi Johnson, Admissions
Seth Lienard, Event and Conference Planning
Joanne Reeck-Irby, Campus Activities and Orientation
Kelsey Richardson Blackwell, Academic Advising
Aregash Shokiyo, Custodial Services


Stephen Geffre, Marketing and Communication
Dan Hoisington, Information Technology
Ron Kurpiers, Library
Debra Meyer, Enrollment Management
Jennifer Simon, American Indian Student Services
Cory Snyder, Student Financial Services


Michael Grewe, Campus Activities and Orientation
Nathan Lind, Information Technology
Dulce Monterrubio, Latinx Student Services
Amanda Storm, Development
Paul Terrio, Enrollment Management
Lori York, Registrar’s Office