Call for University Council Staff Representative Nominations

Staff Senate is grateful for the 3-year term that elected UC staff representative, Jim Trelstad-Porter, has served. As his term comes to an end we are beginning the election process for the next elected UC staff representative.

The overall Council structure is an outcome of the Shared Governance Report released in 2014. The goal is to establish advocates with deep institutional knowledge from across the campus community to provide recommendations on issues that affect the University’s commitment to its mission and values.

Eligibility of representatives

Those eligible to serve on University Council are Augsburg staff with a .75 FTE or higher regardless of exempt or nonexempt status, not including union, MnEEP or temporary employees. Staff Senate members are eligible to serve on the University Council and/or its sub-committees.

Reviewal of the nominees will be based on the following criteria:

  • Staff members meet eligibility requirements as described above.
  • Staff members have been employed by Augsburg University for a preference of two years or more.
  • Staff members have demonstrated both leadership and the ability to work across departments in their tenure at Augsburg.
  • Staff members are able to represent the staff perspective while advocating for the interests of the University as a whole.
  • Staff members have a broad range of institutional knowledge.
  • Staff members must demonstrate an understanding of the current campus climate.
  • Staff members understand the University’s strategic goals and are dedicated to helping achieve them.

The selection process for the University Council Staff Representative begins with an open call for nominations from April 15–22. Nominations are received electronically from any eligible voting staff members. Self-nominations, nomination of others, and nominations for Staff Senate members are acceptable. Nomination Form.

Learn more about UC Staff Rep requirements, expectation, and election process.