Auggie Pride Program

Nominate Awesome Auggie Staff

Do you know someone who has recently completed a significant project, implemented an innovative idea, or worked creatively across divisions or departments? If so, nominate them for an Auggie Pride Award today!

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The Auggie Pride Awards are part of a peer recognition program that honors individual staff members who have made a significant contribution to department, division, or University-wide goals. All nominations are submitted through an online form and considered by Staff Senate. Nominations are kept on a rolling basis throughout the Academic Year, and awards are distributed to two staff every month. 

Those honored will receive a letter from Staff Senate (including some text from the nomination letters) and a $25 Visa gift card as a token of our appreciation.

We welcome Auggie Pride nominations for staff whom you do not directly supervise. If you would like to nominate someone, please use the Auggie Pride submission form.

Auggie Pride Winners- Month of January, 2023

  • Carol Kampf (Accounting)
  • Erika Skogen (PA)

Regarding Carol, Carole is always pleasant, supportive, and responsive. She makes working at Augsburg not only easier but more joyful and inclusive. I don’t know how she does all she does with a smile on her face. For example, she came to the Augsburg Health Commons anniversary party on her day to work from home and all the demands she has with her position. She was just excited to support the nursing department.”

Regarding Erika, Erika’s role in the PA department is to ensure that every 5 weeks 33 students are confirmed and trained in a clinic or hospital, year round. Erika has been doing this 2-person job on her own for over a year and has been able to provide a quality educational experience for our students beyond what I have seen in my 5 years in the department- our students are being trained in locations that meet the Augsburg mission thanks to Erika!! She is truly a superstar and does it all with a smile and amazing sense of humor. We see the work she has done for our students and want to recognize her for her hard work and sacrifice to make it all happen (especially since she’s doing the job of 2!).

The Augsburg staff senate is happy to recognize their amazing work. Congratulations Carol and Erika!!

Auggie Pride Winners- Month of December, 2022

  • Tristan Crowell (LGBTQIA Student Services)
  • Ellie Wade (Student Accounts)

Regarding Tristan, “Tristan is one of the most supportive, knowledgeable and helpful staff members at Augsburg. He goes above and beyond for his students, and always makes sure to help them to the best of his ability.”

Regarding Ellie,  “Ellie has been going above and beyond for students. They have been partaking in campus wide events, supporting our Step-Up students on a personal level all while starting a degree here as well! They make student accounts easier to process for our student with better visuals, and in depth explanations. All while making it possible for students to register while making sure they have a plan for the future in payments and financial wellness.”
The Augsburg staff senate is happy to recognize their amazing work. Congratulations Tristan and Ellie!!

Auggie Pride Winners- Month of November, 2022

– Taylor Greathouse (HR)
– Tiffany Moore (Education)

Regarding Taylor, “ Taylor Greathouse deserves kudos for her dedication and professionalism. As her teammates, we know if we’re ever struggling with a question, Taylor will be the first to lend a hand, an ear, or her brainpower and  leadership superpowers to solve it. Every day for the past few months, Taylor has been recruiting and hiring for multiple positions concurrently, which has been a massive responsibility! She shares her warmth, kindness, and enthusiasm daily with everyone, including the hiring managers and staff members across our university involved in faculty and staff searches; our new employees, who receive that warm welcome and guidance to give them a good start. As her teammates, we hear this feedback all the time…here’s a shout-out to Taylor!

In regards to Tiffany, “In her time at Augsburg (just over a year), Tiffany has taken a leadership role within the Education Department to support students, the Department, and Augsburg University. She represents Augsburg University with many stakeholders in K – 12 school districts, and other teacher preparation institutions. Through her work, the Education Department has been able to welcome K – 12 students to campus and create partnerships with other K – 12 schools. These partnerships take time, creativity, and coordination of many people – all led by Tiffany. With each school partner, she inquires thoughtfully to build understanding of the strengths and needs of the community, and builds relationships with principals and teachers based upon shared mutual goals. In addition, Tiffany has been a point person supporting teacher development and teacher candidate mentoring with K – 12 partners. These partnerships reflect Augsburg’s commitment to equity and social justice while also supporting the development of teacher candidates, individually and collectively. In her work, Tiffany’s contributions have been significant in moving the department forward through an ever-changing landscape.”

The Augsburg staff senate is happy to recognize their amazing work. Congratulations Taylor and Tiffany!!

Auggie Pride Winners- Month of October, 2022

  • Jad Habib (IT)
  • Emilie Lenz (Financial Aid)

Regarding Jad: “Right now he is working with a ton of staff that need new computers that we don’t even know half of what we need when we meet with Jad to switch everything out. I think Jad deserves this award as he brings a happiness to this stressful time and goes out of his way to made it seamless. This includes dropping by to help our student workers and ourselves at the drop of a hat (I swear he is always running around) and finding new tricks and tips for us for an easier time helping students. I could not think of someone better for this honor.”

Regarding Emilie: “Emilie went above and beyond to help an incoming student this fall and played a major role in helping the student move forward in attending Augsburg. A graduate student was at risk of deferring enrollment a full year because she was navigating some added challenges with financial aid eligibility. Emilie was patient, reassuring, knowledgeable, and resourceful in working with this student. She went out of her way to reach out to other campus partners to advocate for the student and ensure we exhausted all options available to help support the student in gaining the funding needed to attend school this fall.”

The Augsburg staff senate is happy to recognize their amazing work. Congratulations Jad and Emilie!!

Auggie Pride Winners- Month of September, 2022

  • Olee Amata (Finance for CGEE)
  • Tyler LeClear -Vachta (HR)

Regarding Olee, “In the last month or so, Olee has provided detailed information and support for some programs in the Professional Studies division. Her thoughtfulness and attention to our requests is deeply appreciated.”

In regards to Tyler, “Tyler has been so responsive to CGEE’s unique HR and Technology needs. He understands our business, and when he doesn’t he asks great questions to help solve the problem. He approaches his work from an acceptance/adaptation mindset — he doesn’t expect everyone (or department) to do things the same way. He finds approaches that follow University systems and policies, while also adapting to others’ unique set of needs.”

The Augsburg staff senate is happy to recognize their amazing work. Congratulations Olee and Tyler!!