University Council

Staff Representatives on University Council

The Augsburg University Staff Senate is charged with selecting two staff representatives to Augsburg’s University Council. The overall Council structure is an outcome of the Shared Governance Report released in 2014. The goal is to establish advocates with deep institutional knowledge from across the campus community to provide recommendations on issues that affect the University’s commitment to its mission and values.


This addendum defines the process by which the Staff Senate will make its selection of the two staff representative positions to University Council. This process also may be used by the Senate to select members to sub-committees of the University Council and/or ad-hoc committees as deemed appropriate.

Eligibility of representatives

Those eligible to serve on University Council are Augsburg staff with a .75 FTE or higher regardless of exempt or nonexempt status, not including union, MMEP or temporary employees. Staff Senate members are eligible to serve on the University Council and/or its sub-committees.

Expectations of Staff selected to the University

Staff representatives selected to the University Council shall commit to serving for the entire length of the term. This entails regular attendance (80 percent or more) at Council meetings, submitting a brief summary to Staff Senate regarding relevant staff items from each meeting (monthly), and availability to attend Staff Senate meetings on an as needed basis. Failure to meet these expectations may result in removal from University Council by a Staff Senate 75 percent vote. These expectations are in addition to any outlined by the University Council itself.

Selection Process


  1. Nominations
  2. Acceptance of nominations
  3. Review of nominations
  4. Election or Appointment


The selection process begins with an open call for nominations. Nominations are received in writing or electronically from any eligible voting staff members. Self-nominations, nomination of others, and nominations for Staff Senate members are acceptable.

Acceptance of Nominations:

Nominees must then accept or decline the nomination. Acceptance is submitted in writing or electronically in the form of submitting required information such as biographical information and/or answers to pertinent essay questions within the required timeframe.  

Nominees are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with their direct supervisor to ensure that staff members are not taking on responsibilities that would be detrimental to their job requirements.  

Reviewal of Nominations:

Once nominations have been submitted and verified with nominees, Staff Senate will review the nominees asynchronously and in an Staff Senate selection committee. Staff Senate members who have accepted a nomination may not serve on the selection committee.

Reviewal of the nominees will be based on the following criteria:

  • Staff members meet eligibility requirements as described above.
  • Staff members have been employed by Augsburg University for a preference of two years or more.
  • Staff members have demonstrated both leadership and the ability to work across departments in their tenure at Augsburg.
  • Staff members are able to represent the staff perspective while advocating for the interests of the University as a whole.
  • Staff members have a broad range of institutional knowledge.
  • Staff members must demonstrate an understanding of the current campus climate.
  • Staff members understand the University’s strategic goals and are dedicated to helping achieve them.


Staff who are eligible to vote in a Council election are full-time and part-time staff regardless of exempt or nonexempt status, not including union, MMEP or temporary employees. Staff Senate members are not eligible to vote in elections for University Council and/or its sub-committees, except in the case of a tie.

If Staff Senate chooses to offer (a) position(s) up for election, the following process will be used.

Once nominations have been reviewed, Staff Senate will place a slate of finalists on the ballot for election. Elections will take place electronically for a minimum of 5 business days.


If Staff Senate so chooses, they may appoint a member to University Council instead of putting the position up for election, provided that it has been communicated prior to an election (if applicable). Appointed positions will come from nominations submitted and reviewed as defined above.

Future Selections to University Council

Should a University Council or committee member take a leave of absence, discontinue service, or be removed from University Council or their committee, Staff Senate may appoint a temporary replacement at its discretion, not to exceed 12 months.

Future and/or replacement positions on University Council or committees may be filled through election or appointment at Staff Senate’s discretion, using the nomination procedure defined above.

For more information, visit the University Council website.