Program Review

Our Charge

Augsburg’s Program Review and Annual Departmental Assessment processes offer an ongoing, structured method to gather meaningful data on student success and curricular design.

The Office of Planning and Effectiveness supports programs and departments as they prepare for cyclical external program reviews, and in the ongoing tracking of relevant student data. To request data in support of a Program Review or ongoing Assessment work, click the “Request Data or Analysis Support” button to the right.

Periodic External Program Review

Periodic Program Reviews offer us the opportunity to measure our successes, as well as seek out areas for improvement. Program reviews provide us with strategies for the success of our students, as well as the success of our university. These reports are also necessary for our accreditation process and vital to the ability to meet and exceed the standards of an Augsburg University education. Please visit the Program Overview for more information and resources.

Annual Departmental Assessment Reporting

Each undergraduate program is responsible for developing their own set of subject-specific learning outcomes. These outcomes are mapped to the major curriculum to identify the courses in which they are Introduced, Reinforced, and Mastered. Each year, departments undertake an annual assessment project that is intended to meet the unique assessment needs of the department.

Departments prepare an annual summary of their assessment work and the ways that the collected data was used to inform course or curricular design. Following receipt of the report, the Assessment Committee meets with each department to review their results and plan for the coming year before preparing a written summary that is shared with the department, deans, and provost.

Each department or program has designated a faculty member who is charged with leading the department’s assessment work and serving as a liaison to the assessment committee. A list of the current departmental assessment coordinators is available to faculty and staff in the Departmental Assessment Coordinator listing. Departments may update this listing by contacting the Director of Assessment.

Reports for annual programmatic or departmental assessment projects are due to the Assessment Committee by Friday, September 27th, 2024. Completed annual reports can be emailed directly to the Director of Assessment (

Appropriate forms can be found in the Forms and Other Resources section.