Faculty Assessment Committee

Mission and Goals

The Faculty Assessment Committee is composed of representatives from the full-time teaching faculty, approved by consent of the full faculty each academic year. Their primary charge is the assessment of institutional learning outcomes for the undergraduate and graduate program, and supporting department and programmatic assessment efforts.  The Assessment Committee supports large-scale planning, as in the design of majors and programs, and smaller-scale efforts to develop individual courses or course activities.

Faculty Assessment Committee Members (23-24)

  • Ben Denkinger (Chair, Director of Assessment)
  • Nimanthi Atukoala, NSS, 2023-25
  • Vanessa Bester, At-Large, 2022-24
  • Jennifer Forsthoefel, HFA, 2022-24
  • Tara Mader, PS, 2023-25
  • Katherine Martin, Graduate Programs, 2022-24

Additional Members and ex officio Consultants

  • Paula O’Laughlin, Provost and Senior Vice President
  • Monica Devers, Dean of Professional Studies and Graduate Education
  • Ryan Haaland, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Stacy Freiheit, Director of General Education
  • Rachel Lloyd, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Konnor Turner, Student Representative appointed by the Student Senate