Co-curricular Assessment Committee

Mission and Goals

Co-Curricular Assessment is focused on evaluating the quality and efficacy of student learning within the university’s co-curriculum, which includes all learning happening outside of – or in collaboration with – curricular learning in the classroom. Co-Curricular Assessment Reports can be found on the Institutional Research & Reports page.

Co-curricular Assessment Committee Membership for 2023-24

  • Michael Grewe, PhD (Chair; Dean of Students)
  • Lara Crombie (Program Coordinator, TRIO McNair Scholars Program)
  • Tristan Crowell (LGBTQIA+ Student Services Program Manager)
  • Firi Dawid, MA (Director of Campus Life)
  • Ben Denkinger, PhD (Faculty Director of Assessment)
  • Katy Hahn (Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness)