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The logotype and variations presented on the downloads page replace all logos and symbols that have been used previously to identify Augsburg. These logos should be used on all printed materials (e.g., brochures, letterhead, business cards, department newsletters), on the university website, on campus signage, and on university merchandise.

The exception to these guidelines is the university seal. The university seal is used only on official diplomas, certificates, documents, and for special circumstances. The seal is not interchangeable with other logos, and is only available from the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Augsburg logos are available on the logo downloads page. Use of logos is only allowed when Augsburg’s graphic identity usage guidelines are followed. For specific needs or questions, contact the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Consistency strengthens the Augsburg brand. It is not acceptable to create your own art or logo to represent your department, program, group, or to promote your event.

Augsburg Spirit Graphics Usage Guide Augsburg University Spirit Graphics Usage Guide PDF

Augsburg Brand Style Guide Augsburg University Brand Style Guide (guidelines) PDF

Augsburg Logo Downloads page Logo and other graphics for Augsburg personnel


Augsburg’s official school colors are maroon and gray. Several variations of Augsburg’s logos may be used for different situations:

When possible, use the spot-color version of the logo. Augsburg has two Pantone® Matching System colors: PMS 209 (maroon) and PMS Cool Gray 9.

Reverse: In certain cases, the logo may be reversed out of a colored background. If you need a logo on a dark background, contact the Office of Marketing and Communication.

On the Web: For Augsburg maroon use hex code #660033.

Any text color/background combinations must comply with WCAG 2.0 AA color contrast standards. See the Color Combinations Chart (PDF) for information on all brand color combinations.


Augsburg’s identity is strengthened by consistent use of typography throughout its printed communications and on the website. The standard copy type for printed publications is Trade Gothic. If that is not available, Arial Narrow is the suggested replacement. For headlines use Arial Narrow Bold.

If you have any questions about the choice or availability of these fonts, contact the Office of Marketing and Communication.


Augsburg faculty and staff may use university logos for official university business (non-commercial, publicity communication about Augsburg University). News media may use Augsburg logos according to Fair Use. Augsburg student organizations that are recognized by the Campus Life office may use the “Augsburg University” name and colors (maroon and gray) on apparel, publications, etc., so long as the name and colors are not used in connection with alcohol, drugs, obscene material, or materials that would violate applicable laws or university policy. Student organizations should not use official university logos except when advertising an event or program that is officially sponsored by a university office or department. This maintains maximum freedom, creativity, and flexibility for student organizations to present themselves as they choose while avoiding situations in which the university as a whole might appear to be endorsing the perspective or priorities of a particular student organization.

Use of logos is only allowed when Augsburg’s graphic identity guidelines are followed. If you have questions about commercial licensing rights, contact the director of marketing at


Neither the name of the university or any university logo may be used in a manner that could adversely affect the university’s image or standing or for any other reason that would be inappropriate. Such examples include, but aren’t limited to, the use of the logo in connection with alcoholic beverages, unofficial social media accounts, tobacco products, sexually oriented products or services, political parties or organizations, gaming or games of chance, or firearms.


If you have questions about how to use Microsoft Office to work with these document template files, please contact your LFC for additional software training.


The Office of Marketing and Communication created a tool to help faculty and staff who regularly post, publish, and print written communication. The Augsburg University and Luther Seminary Editorial Style Guide is a collection of best practices to keep communication clear and consistent across each institution. Because Augsburg and Luther marketing and communication staff work together through a shared services agreement, this style guide is designed for use by both institutions.

This is an evolving document that will adapt each year with the changes in language, culture, and the university’s communication. Bookmark this page to refer to the style guide when you write on behalf of the university.


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