Photos and Video

To ensure that the institutional funds spent on freelance photography and/or videography return maximum value to the institution, Augsburg departments hiring such freelancers should:

  • enter into a signed contract with the freelancer stipulating that photo and videos produced are “Work for Hire” and granting Augsburg perpetual and unlimited rights to use of the assets. Contract template
  • share the final photos/footage delivered to you with the Office of Marketing and Communication for long-term storage. This allows the institution to retain the assets it has purchased for future use.
  • use the sub-object 6675 when approving payment of the resulting invoice. This allows us to track the amount spent on such freelancers across the institution.
  • prior to the photo or video shoot, share with the freelancer Augsburg’s Brand Photography and Videography Style. This provides guidance to the photographer and helps ensure that the photos will also be suitable for both current and potential future uses by the institution.

Please submit a marketing request through the project management system to have MarComm assist you with photos and videos, or email Douachee Lee ( with questions or for help identifying a suitable freelancer.