Content Managers

If you’re a content manager for an Augsburg University site, this page is for you!

Want to become a Content Manager for your department/team site?

  1. Have your Manager send us an email with the web pages you need access to (please include links!)
  2. Take the accessibility training, and pass.
  3. Email us to let us know it has been completed.
  4. Schedule time with me for one on one site specific training.
  5. Attend our web editor meetings.

With great power comes great responsibility

Content managers are active, not passive. We don’t want this duty to overwhelm your time, but it will require some. Here is how you can be an engaged content manager:

1. Ask for help

This is first for a reason.

Have an idea for your site?

A new program or initiative that needs to be added?

Need a new picture or graphic?

No question is too small or large.

Reach out via meeting or submit a request into the project management software we use.

2. Take ownership of your pages

This means know what’s on your pages. Browse through it frequently to make sure everything looks right and to see if anything needs to be updated. If you see something beyond a minor text change is needed, ask for help (see point #1).