Augsburg professor and student plan to implement 3D Printing module in middle school for mathematics education

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Dr. Matthew Haines, associate professor of mathematics at Augsburg College, is working alongside Nora Helf (teacher at Sanford Middle School) and Lewis Istok (Augsburg undergraduate) in order to develop an interdisciplinary unit in a middle school STEM support course utilizing 3D printing. This module’s objective is to enhance middle school student’s learning in mathematics by exploring the implementation of 3D printing into the classroom. The investigators received funding from the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 2016, providing the project with a 3D printer and 3D printing supplies. Lewis Istok, a mathematics major, is working toward his teaching license to teach high school math and served as the TinkerCAD expert on this project. The module was implemented in Nora Helf’s classroom at Sanford Middle School in February 2017. Augsburg undergraduates Lewis Istok and Lexander Boukal volunteered their time to help facilitate the implementation of the module in Helf’s STEM class.