Eppley Foundation Grant Supports Daphnia Research

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Two biology professors, Matt Beckman and Kevin Potts, were awarded a grant from the Eppley Foundation for Scientific Research to study the effects of environmental factors on the behavior and life histories of the water flea, Daphnia. The grant will allow the two to carry out field collection and laboratory studies of daphnids collected from lakes in Minneapolis this summer. Working with Augsburg students, the two will study how these important indicators of lake and pond water quality respond to changes in their environment. The long-range goal of this work is to develop a simple tool that uses water flea behavioral measurements as a proxy for changing water conditions. Beckman says that this work will provide students who work on the project with a unique opportunity to carry out field studies as well as laboratory investigations.

If you would like to learn more about this research, please contact Matt Beckman at beckmanm@augsburg.edu or Kevin Potts at pottsk@augsburg.edu.