Incoming Mail

Mail is usually received from the United States Postal Service mid-morning and all first class mail is distributed to campus boxes by noon, second class (catalogs, magazines, non-profit, etc) is usually distributed by 4pm.  Please help ensure proper distribution by informing those who send you mail of your campus box number. In the cases of staff and faculty departments please convey any changes in the names of the person to whom the mail piece should be sent to those who mail to you.

Please ask your mail be addressed as follows:

Students, Staff and Faculty:
<Your Name Here>
Augsburg University <Your Campus Box #>
2211 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN  55454

Mike Suter
Augsburg University CB #954
2211 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Students with campus boxes can pick up their mail anytime Christensen Center is open.  Most staff and faculty departments get their mail delivered in the afternoon.

Campus Box Assignment

All residential students will get a campus box assigned to them when they first become a residential student.  An email notification will be sent to residents with the campus box number shortly before the start of fall semester.  Commuter students can request a campus box; requests can be made with the Mailroom staff  9:30am – 12pm in the Mailroom or the Central Services staff in the Copy Center 7:30am – 5pm. Students can rent a lock for a $5.00 rental fee from Shipping/Receiving, personal locks are not permitted.

New staff and faculty will be assigned a campus box number according to the department in which they work. If you need a personal staff campus box, please contact the Central Services Site Lead

Mail Forwarding

At the end of the year we will run a google survey. If you fill out the survey we will forward all first-class mail (NOT packages, non-profit, magazines etc.) Mail will be forwarded either for the summer/duration of a study abroad semester or for two months if you are graduating/finished at Augsburg. If you will be remaining on campus you can keep your box open for the summer.