Campus Copiers and Printers

Copier and Printer Issues

Call 612-330-1054 (or 1054 from an on-campus phone) for any issues with a copier or printer in your work area. This includes machine performance, needing paper, toner, or staples or any other stoppage of work. Be prepared with the location of the machine, the machine ID, and description of the need. Someone will be there within 3 hours. If the problem is not solvable by the central services we will contact a technician who will arrive generally within four business hours to repair the machine.

Toner Scam Warning

All toner for copiers and printers is paid for through a maintenance contract so beware of “Toner Phoners”! There are several unscrupulous businesses out there who attempt to sell you outrageously priced toner over the phone. They may start with asking you what is the model or ID# of the copier near your desk. They may say they have extra stock of the toner you need or the price is soon to increase. They may offer to ship you a toner on trial. Regardless of what they say, don’t give them ANY information. All you need to know is that you get toner for your copier or printer by calling the Copy Center (x1054). You will never need to purchase toner for machines in your area. A quick way to ditch these “toner phoners” is to tell them you would like to transfer them to the person in the organization who purchases toner – they will hang up before you can transfer them!