Emergency Funding

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Augsburg University’s Emergency Fund is now closed due to a high demand. Applications that have been submitted from the beginning of this semester to January 22, 2024 at 2:45pm will continue to be processed. The Emergency Fund will re-open at a later date in the semester.

Funding for textbooks and class materials has been exhausted. Please do not apply for funding for textbooks and class materials at this time.

Provided below is a list of things that you can apply to receive funds for:

  • Automotive repairs
  • Childcare items
  • Emergency shelter
  • Gas
  • Groceries
  • Hot meals
  • Hygiene products
  • Medical devices (eyeglasses)
  • Medical services
  • Rent
  • Transportation to/from campus or work
  • Utility bills

The emergency fund will not be able to allocate funds for the items below:

  • Tuition payments
  • Meal plans
  • Fees related to attending college
  • Textbooks and Class Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for emergency funds?

The Augsburg University Emergency Fund is open to all currently-registered Augsburg University students.

How much can students apply for?

Because there are very limited funds available, students are limited to receive up to $200 per semester.

How do I obtain funds if I am approved for emergency funding?

Course Textbooks: If a student receives emergency funding for course textbooks, the Dean of Students Office will work to purchase the textbooks directly from the Augsburg Bookstore. Once textbooks are available, the student may pick them up directly in the Bookstore.

Other Items: Students will work with the Dean of Students Office to obtain funding.