The Vocation Portfolio (V-Portfolio)…

is an electronic portfolio that allows a student of Augsburg to actively process their vocation as they participate in a program sponsored by one of the four Centers of Commitment. Each time a student participants in an experience with the Christensen Center for Vocation, Center for Global Education and Experience, Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship, and the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work.

The V-Portfolio focuses on the following:

  • Vocation, has an origin in the Lutheran Christian tradition and it is the claim that God calls and equips each one of us in a unique way for the work that is needed to heal our world and our communities.
  • Students will use this website to guide their vocational formation throughout their education using the V-Portfolio’s reflection exercises created by each Center.

V-Portfolio Summer 2022 Trial Cohort Website

A select group of students from the Centers of Commitment are currently using a prototype of the V-Portfolio. The above link will direct you into that content. This site will include the V-Portfolio’s content and reflection exercises in early August.