The V-Portfolio is a digital platform that facilitates a student’s ongoing and creative reflection about their vocation. This curated storytelling helps students to tell a story of how their Augsburg University education is shaping the life they want to live for the sake of their neighbors. Students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves through the lenses of vocation, meaningful work, local citizenship, and global competencies.

We believe you are called – equipped, empowered, driven, and responsible – to make this world a better place for your neighbor. That’s the essence of vocation. Read more here.

Starting in Fall 2022, the V-Portfolio is being used with Augsburg University students who are participating in a learning experience with one of the university’s four centers of commitment: Christensen Center for Vocation, Center for Global Education and Experience, Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship, and the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work. Students use the online platform called Canvas, to create their V-Portfolio, and upload their V-Portfolio reflections. To learn more about the V-Portfolio, we invite you to watch this short video.

The V-Portfolio focuses on the following LENSES:

  • Vocation – Augsburg University’s Christensen Center for Vocation is committed to helping you discern your vocation. Your vocation is the way in which you are uniquely called, equipped, and compelled to help your neighbor and the planet thrive. No one has just one vocation, we always have many and they are always evolving.
  • Meaningful Work – Augsburg University’s Strommen Center for Meaningful Work is committed to helping you move into a career of meaningful work. Meaningful work is work that does more than just pays the bills. It is work that allows you to create, to build community, and to participate in making the life you want to live.
  • Local Citizenship – Augsburg University’s Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship is committed to helping you learn how to address public issues, make change, and build democracy. Democracy is a way of life and we each have a role to play as local citizens seeking to make our communities better places to live our lives.
  • Global Cultural Competencies – Augsburg University’s Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) is committed to helping you to develop global cultural competencies, which include global awareness and intercultural communication skills.