Augsburg Bike Share Program

The Augsburg Bike Share Program is a sustainable and cost-effective measure to address the transportation needs of Augsburg University students, faculty, and staff. It represents one of many initiatives Augsburg has taken to become a good steward of the environment and to promote energy-conscious action. By providing a free, no-pollution mode of transportation, the program gives everyone a chance to play a role in the University’s green initiatives. Bike sharing allows Auggies to enjoy the outdoors, explore Minneapolis, and take part in off-campus academic and recreational opportunities.

How Do I Borrow a Bike?

Augsburg students, faculty, and staff can check out bikes and helmets from Lindell Library with their Augsburg ID. Bikes are locked to a rack in front of the library building — the east entrance. To check one out, go to the Circulation Desk in Lindell Library, present your ID, and say, “I’d like to check out a bike.” (You can ask for it by name if you have looked at the rack and know which one suits you.) Then you’ll be given a key for the bike lock and the option of checking out a helmet. Go outside, unlock the bike from the rack, store the lock in the bike’s handy lock-holder, and you’re off!

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Bike Racks

Augsburg has bike racks for riders to secure their bikes at various locations on campus.

Bike Security

Ensure you are properly locking your bike whenever you are leaving it unattended. We recommend following the Bike MN’s guide to prevent bicycle theft. If your bike or parts of your bike are stolen, please alert the Department of Public Safety at 612-330-1717.

Nice Ride

Nice Ride is the Twin Cities’ bike share system. Simply take a bike when you need one and return it to any station when you arrive at your destination.

The nearest station to Augsburg University is located at Riverside Ave and 23rd Ave South. Check the map for station location information and available bicycles.

If you have a Nice Ride membership and participate in ZAP Twin Cities, all you have to do is link your accounts. Every time you check out a Nice Ride bike for 10 minutes or more, it counts as a ZAP trip for the day once the accounts have been tied together. Trips on a Nice Ride count toward ZAP totals for prize drawings and rewards. For more details:

Bike Trails near Augsburg

At either the Franklin or Cedar LRT stations, you can pick up the bike trail that parallels the light rail tracks. Heading south on that trail takes you to the Midtown Greenway. Heading north takes you downtown to US Bank Stadium and close to the West River Parkway.

The Midtown Greenway is a gem of a trail that runs east-west a block north of Lake Street between the river and the Chain of Lakes.

There’s an interactive map of bike trails throughout the city on this page.

Bikes and Mass Transit

All Metro Transit buses and the Light rail cars are equipped with bike racks. So if you get tired or want to avoid biking through a stretch of your trip, you can just throw your bike on the rack and take a ride.