Technology Policies

Policy on the Use of Computing Resources

Augsburg provides computing resources geared to the realization of its vision as a distinctive community. This community–as articulated in Augsburg 2004: Extending the Vision benefits from Information Technology (IT) innovation toward each of the four strategies it has embraced: In affirming its distinctive identity, in providing a transforming education, in pursuit of vocation, and in support of an effective work culture.

  1. It is the policy of Augsburg that computing resources be used in a legal, ethical and responsible manner.
  2. Any use of computing resources that would impede teaching, learning, research or administration; or that would violate an applicable license or contract is a violation of this policy.

Violation of this policy may result in immediate suspension of computing privileges, with referral to appropriate University or criminal authorities for consideration of penalties which may include dismissal or other discipline. This document is intended to work in conjunction with existing policies within the Augsburg Student Guide, the Student Handbook, the Augsburg Faculty Handbook, the Augsburg Employee Handbook, and the departmental technical policies and standards as administered by Information Technology.

Augsburgs maintains Computing Resources Usage Guidelines (below) to help you understand and comply with this policy. Any questions regarding interpretation or application of this policy should be directed to the Chief Information Officer.

Computing Resources Usage Guidelines

Although most people use computing resources in a legal, ethical and responsible manner, it is possible that willful or even accidental misuse can seriously disrupt the work of others. These guidelines are provided to increase your awareness of the issues involved.

  1. University Use
    Augsburg computing resources are for use only by those persons with valid accounts or with the permission of the University to use computing resources.
  2. Account Use
    All accounts have a password to prevent unauthorized access of the account. You should not share your password with anyone or write it down in a publicly viewable location, as you are responsible for activity associated with your account. To keep your account secure you should periodically change your password.
  3. Unauthorized Access and Impersonation
    Users may not attempt to gain access to computer systems, files, messages, communications, or documents of others unless they have a legitimate reason to do so. Accessing systems, files, messages, communications, or documents of others without a legitimate reason is inappropriate and is prohibited. Users may not impersonate other users or forge communications such as electronic mail messages.
  4. Harassment
    Augsburg’s policies prohibiting all forms of precluded discrimination, including sexual harassment (check with Human Resources for these policies), cover all forms and means, including those activities using computing resources. Computing usage that is perceived by another as discriminatory or sexually harassing as defined by the University policy may be considered a violation. The display of offensive material in any publicly accessible area is likely to violate the Augsburg’s harassment policy. There are materials available on the Internet and elsewhere that some members of the University community will find offensive. Sexually explicit graphics is one example of such material. While the University cannot restrict the availability of such material, it considers their public display to be unethical. This includes, but is not limited to, output of such material to publicly accessible computer screens and printers.
  5. Maliciousnes
    Computing resource users may not deliberately disrupt the performance of computer systems or networks, or attempt to circumvent system security. This includes reconfiguring a computer system to make it unusable for others, attempting to destroy or alter data or programs belonging to other users.
  6. Commercial Activity
    The use of Augsburg’s computing resources for commercial purposes without prior approval is prohibited. Requests for approval should be directed to the Chief Information Officer.
  7. Sensitive Information
    Users who have access to or store sensitive information on their computers must take extra precautions to keep this information secure. The use of file sharing software can inadvertently expose all of the data on a computer to public view. If you deal with sensitive data, you should store it in your network storage space where access rights are more easily controlled and not store any sensitive information on your local system.
  8. Copyright
    Distributing copyrighted material without approval of the copyright holder is illegal.

Additional Policies

As described in the Computing Resources Usage Guidelines above, distributing copyrighted material without approval of the copyright holder is illegal.  When the IT department is made aware of such distribution by a copyright holder, we follow an established procedure.  That procedure is described on our information page about filesharing programs.