Update from 1/12/2022

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I hope this note finds you well and enjoying (surviving?) the start of the semester.

The Provost Search Committee met on Thursday, January 6, and I am writing again to update you on our progress. Each time we meet, I am reminded of the expertise and professionalism of the members of the committee. We are in good hands!

On the 6th, we reviewed and adopted a candidate assessment form that we will use in evaluating the written applications for Provost, ensuring all candidates are evaluated by a common and clear set of criteria. Until our next meeting on January 28, the members of the Search Committee will be reviewing applicant files. When we meet on January 28, we will reduce the active pool of candidates to a smaller group who will be invited to interview
with the Search Committee over Zoom.

Until our application deadline of January 21, we will continue to receive applications and, as we have done in the past, we encourage you to consider persons who might provide strong and effective leadership for the University. A number of you have taken advantage of this opportunity and we encourage others to be similarly involved. As names come to mind, we would ask you to forward them to us so that we might be in contact with them. You will find the search profile and the qualities we seek in our next Provost at https://sites.augsburg.edu/provostsearch/.

The name(s) and contact information for potential candidates may be sent directly to our search consultants Dr. Loren Anderson at loren.anderson@agbsearch.com, or Dr. Kim Bobby at kim.bobby@agbsearch.com. Any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential.

I am excited for the next phase in the search and will continue to update you on the progress of the committee.

— Tim Pippert, Search Committee Chair