Actions To Reduce Close Contacts Temper Growth in On-Campus Transmission Levels

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Current Status

Although the rate of on-campus cases reported in the October 10 COVID-19 Dashboard shows a low transmission rate, we continue to see new confirmed COVID-19 cases resulting from close contact (no masks or distancing) with those who tested positive over the past several weeks. A number of positive cases were confirmed Monday, October 12, for the prior week, and there are several other individuals still waiting for their COVID-19 test results. So, Augsburg’s on-campus student case rate for last week will increase from what is currently reported on the Dashboard after those pending tests are finalized. 

In addition to ongoing isolation, contact tracing, and quarantine efforts, Augsburg took several other actions last week in response to the growing rate of on-campus transmission. In consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, Augsburg paused activity in Athletics practices, reduced the size of indoor and outdoor events, and introduced additional measures such as seating assignments at events and activities to facilitate contact tracing in the event that it may be required.  

Recommended Action

Augsburg continues to meet with MDH to review the impact of our actions on the number of newly confirmed cases and monitor the on-campus transmission level. Please note that case rates in both Hennepin and Ramsey counties continue to increase as well. So, it remains important to be mindful of physical distancing and wearing face coverings in order to protect yourself and others, and to help minimize the spread of the virus on campus.