Dashboard: COVID-19 Alert Levels

Updated November 26, 2022

Current status: Hospitalizations move CDC community level to medium in Hennepin County

During the week of Thanksgiving, the CDC community level for Hennepin County moved to medium, from low, due to the rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the county. Ramsey County remained in the low CDC level. COVID levels in Twin Cities wastewater also increased during the Thanksgiving week.

On campus, only one employee case was reported during the Thanksgiving week.┬áThe table below includes regional metrics and Augsburg’s COVID-19 dashboard data for November 20-26. Because of the holiday break, reports for campus cases may be delayed or incomplete.

For prior weeks’ data, see Augsburg’s COVID-19 Dashboard Metrics report.

Metric Status
Cases within the on-campus community New confirmed cases this week:
0 students
1 employee
% of isolation beds full 0%
7-day case rate per 100,000
(as of November 23)
108.47 Hennepin County
111.03 Ramsey County
7-day COVID-19 admissions per 100,000
(as of November 22)
10.2 Hennepin County
9.6 Ramsey County
% of inpatient COVID-19 beds over 7 days
(as of November 22)
6.4% Hennepin County
7.8% Ramsey County

Key: COVID-19 Levels

Level Case response capacity Isolation bed availability 7-day case rate per 100,000 7-day COVID-19 admissions per 100,000 % of inpatient COVID-19 beds over 7 days
Low Manageable Less than half full < 200 < 10.0 < 10.0%
Medium At capacity More than half full < 200
10 – 19.9
< 10.0
10.0% – 14.9%
< 10.0%
High Over capacity Completely full 200+
any #
> 10.0
> 20.0
> 10.0%
> 15.0%


    • Due to standard delays in receiving and confirming case reports, recent data in this report may be incomplete.
    • 7-day case rate, hospital admissions, and % of inpatient COVID-19 hospital beds are reported weekly by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • When weekly metrics fall into more than one community level, the color coding in the table represents the higher level.