Application Forms

All documents must be submitted to the IRB electronically and either as a PDF or Word document.  Consent and assent forms must be submitted in the final format which the principal investigator will provide to the subject. 

All documents submitted to the IRB must display college-level writing proficiency. Please attend carefully to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Do not submit the instructions with your application–only the actual application needs to be submitted to the committee. Please submit your complete mailing from your Augsburg e-mail address so that the IRB can communicate with you.

You may download an electronic version of the IRB Application Form (as well as other forms) from this website.

General Forms:

Application for Full or  Expedited Review (DOC)
Exempt Application (DOC)
Extension Application (DOC)
Application Instructions (PDF)
Research Assistant Confidentiality Agreement (DOC)
Transcriptionist Confidentiality Agreement (DOC)
Data Support Confidentiality Agreement (DOC)
Non-English Speaking Subjects (DOC)
Translator Confidentiality Agreement (DOC)

Classroom Research Forms:

Classroom Protocol Application Form (DOC)
Classroom Protocol Application Form (PDF)
Classroom Project Extension (DOC)
Classroom Protocol Application Instructions(DOC)
Classroom Protocol Application Instructions (PDF)
Student Classroom Research Application Form (DOC)
Student Classroom Research Application Form (PDF)
Student Classroom Research Application Instructions (DOC)
Student Classroom Research Application Instructions (PDF)

Consent Documents

Use this form as a template to prepare your consent form. All of the specific elements of this sample form represent crucial pieces in establishing informed consent and assent. Use all relevant elements of this model form in your form.

Recruitment Documents

This page reviews the protocol for ethical recruiting of research participants.