Summer Guests, New Turf

Preparations are underway for five and a half weeks of camps and conferences this summer, kicking off the week of June 13 with wrestling camps and SOAR. Getting ready to welcome summer guests to the residence halls is a team effort across departments. Custodial and maintenance staff clean and fix up rooms after spring move-out, prepare spaces for summer residents, and stock cleaning supplies in Urness and Anderson. Residence Life and DPS staff organize keys and fobs. University Events staff collaborate with all these teams, prepare welcome kits, distribute keys and fobs to campers, and partner with Facilities to train student workers on OSHA regulations as part of their hospitality role for summer events.

An aerial view of a green football field with the Auggie Eagle logo painted at the centerElsewhere on campus, new artificial turf has been unveiled on Edor Nelson Field following a five-week replacement project. With year-round availability thanks to the dome, the field is one of the most heavily used turf surfaces in the metro area. The new turf will benefit the five teams that share the field (football, softball, women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s soccer); Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science classes; and community members and groups like the semi-pro Minneapolis City SC, who inaugurated the new surface last week. Notice a lot of bulging bags in Lot L during the project? Athletics partnered with FieldTurf to reuse the infill and rubber foam from the previous installation in 2013, which lowered the environmental impact of the replacement.

Heating to Cooling Transition

Buildings on campus are being transitioned from heating to cooling starting May 9. Facilities Management plans to complete the transition by the end of the week.

Athletic Field Turf Replacement

On May 9, Augsburg will begin replacing turf on the Athletic Field. Parking will not be affected by this project.

Facilities Work in Christensen and Si Melby Starts May 2

The tile work in the lower level of Christensen will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, May 2. Access through the hallway space may be limited during this time.

Also beginning on Monday, May 2, the second phase of the renovation in Si Melby Hall will begin, primarily affecting the women’s locker room areas.

Christensen Center Tile Repair Update

The tiles needed for repair to the Christensen Center lower level hallway are on order. The date for repair completion is unknown. The affected tunnel area has been reopened.

Jim Orchard Hired as New Facilities Director

Augsburg has appointed Jim Orchard as the new director of facilities management. Jim joins Augsburg starting Monday, April 4.

Jim has more than 20 years of experience in leading facilities management in higher education, most recently as director of operations at Concordia University. He brings a wealth of expertise in daily facilities management, operational planning, financial management, team training and professional development, deferred maintenance, and management of new construction and capital projects.

Athletic Dome Still on Schedule To Be Taken Down This Week

The Athletic Dome will be taken down April 3-6. On April 5 and 6, there will be no parking on both sides of Butler Place and on the east side of 23rd Avenue.

Science 19 Converted to Islamic Prayer Space

Over spring break, Science 19 was converted to an Islamic prayer space, with fresh paint and new carpet. 

Athletic Dome To Be Taken Down

The Athletic Dome will be taken down April 3-6. On April 5 and 6, there will be no parking on both sides of Butler Place and on the east side of 23rd Avenue.

New Parking System Will Be Tested in Lot K

On March 30 and 31, new equipment will be installed in Lot K to allow Augsburg to test a virtual parking permit system during the month of April. The testing project won’t affect current parking or permit rules. 

Lindell Library West Elevator Is Operational

The west elevator in Lindell (near the Hagfors skyway) has been repaired.

Hagfors Center Skyway Doors Have Been Repaired

The Hagfors Center skyway doors are now operating normally.

Kennedy Center and Christensen Center Dock Access Issues Fixed

The door hardware on the card access doors at the main entrance to the Kennedy Center and the dock entrance to Christensen Center has been replaced. Access at those entrances has returned to normal.

Lindell Library West Elevator Down

The west elevator in Lindell (near the Hagfors skyway) is not working. The repair company is waiting for a part. We do not yet know when the repair will be completed.

Hagfors Center Skyway Doors To Be Repaired

When using the Hagfors Center skyway, you may notice that the doors are difficult to open. We are aware of the issue and are working to get it fixed.

Christensen Center Student Lounge Will Be Painted

The student lounge in Christensen Center will be painted during spring break.

LED Light Work to Pause

The LED lighting upgrades will pause until after the end of spring semester.

Progress on Lighting Upgrades

The LED light installers are finishing up in Lindell Library and moving on to Christensen Center this week.

The lighting upgrade in Sateren Auditorium is complete.

Kennedy Center and Christiansen Center Dock Access Issues To Be Addressed

The card access doors at the main entrance to the Kennedy Center and the dock entrance to Christensen Center have not been responding properly to the use of key fobs due to a hardware issue. The Department of Public Safety is working with our vendors to acquire and install new hardware to address these issues as soon as possible.  Until the door hardware can be replaced, other arrangements will be in place to provide continued access to these areas.

Sateren Lighting Upgrade February 14-15

The lighting upgrade in Sateren Auditorium is still scheduled for February 14-15. The new lighting will better meet the needs of the Music Department.