Steam Leak Repairs Went Well

The repair work on steam leaks on Riverside Avenue went well and has been completed. Steam is now back on at full pressure, and all hot water has been restored. 

Cooling and Heating Transfer Will Occur Over the Next Two Weeks

We will be switching from cooling to heating on campus over the next two weeks. Facilities will be removing window air conditioning units during that time.

Athletic Dome Is Going Up in Late November

The installation of the Athletic Dome has been rescheduled. It is now scheduled to go up on Monday and Tuesday, November 29 and 30. 

LED Upgrade Continues

The replacement of all campus light bulbs with LED light bulbs will resume in early November. Facilities will notify departments ahead of time about when to expect LED replacements to occur.

Science 123 Classroom Remodeling Progress

The carpet is being installed in Science 123. Furniture deliveries are being scheduled.

Air Filtration

We continue to operate HEPA filters in classrooms, common spaces, and in offices in buildings with central HVAC systems. In buildings with central HVAC, we continue to use MERV-13 filters circulating fresh air 24 hours a day.

No Blog Post Next Week

There will be no facilities blog post during the week of October 23.