More Work in Lot L This Week

On October 28, Facilities was working with Yeadon Domes on the west end of Parking Lot L to install two new inflation units for the dome. Some concrete work related to this project will take place on Thursday, November 4, or Friday, November 5, in the same location in Lot L. The area that will be worked on is small (approximately 10 square feet), and the work should not be very intrusive.

Cooling to Heating Transfer Is Complete

The switch from cooling to heating on campus has been completed. If you are experiencing any heating issues, please submit a facilities request.

LED Conversion Will Resume on November 29 

The replacement of all campus light bulbs with LED light bulbs is now scheduled to resume on November 29. Facilities is building a schedule and will contact departments about when they can expect upgrades to occur.

Science 123 Classroom Remodeling Progress

The furniture has been installed in Science 123. Facilities is working to schedule installation of a railing, the final step for this project.

Air Filtration

We continue to operate HEPA filters in classrooms, common spaces, and in offices in buildings with central HVAC systems. In buildings with central HVAC, we continue to use MERV-13 filters circulating fresh air 24 hours a day.