Web Accessibility training instructions

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Since 2017, Augsburg’s web accessibility training has been available online and on-demand. It is required for all website content managers. Follow these instructions to complete the training.

  1. Join the Website Content Manager Moodle Website (must be logged in to inside.augsburg.edu)
  2. Click on “Enroll Me” to join the course.
  1. Click the “Accessibility Training” section to view its contents. Here you will find the video and quiz.
  1. Watch the video (you will need to be logged into YouTube using your Augsburg account)
  2. Take the Accessibility Training Quiz.
  3. Notify me when you pass the quiz, and then I will set up your website access.

Please contact me to request an alternate accommodation for the accessibility training.

See my Accessibility page for more information about accessibility.

Accessibility video on youtube (so you can reference for the knowledge check).