Troubleshooting admin rights on wordpress ( or

Hello editors. I have seen a lot of emails about losing admin rights and figured to provide clarity and a first level documentation.

If you think you lost administration to the site you manage follow these steps.

  1. Have you logged into or authorized access via Duo mobile app? If no, STOP AND DO SO.
  2. If yes, go to the page you are looking to update (type in the url into a fresh browser window).
    1. does a ribbon display at the top of the page? If yes, go to the top of the ribbon and select “edit page” it will take you to the backend editing side of the site.
    2. If no, go to the bottom of the website and select “Administrator Login
      1. select “Augnet Login” button. Do you go to the back end editing page? if not, open a new browser window and type in the url.
    3. If you have tried all of these, one last effort. Open a new browser window and go to your page. Is the ribbon there? if yes, sorry, I am looking into a cleaner way.
  3. If all else fails contact me and we can figure it out