A number of accessibility projects are currently under way or have recently been completed at Augsburg.

Annual Reports

Each year, the committee submits an annual report to the President detailing initiatives undertaken in the past year.  Annual reports can be downloaded below.

Community-Driven Audit (ongoing)

If you see a situation that could be improved to provide better access for persons with disabilities, please say something!  Use our online feedback form to report the issue and we will route the information to the appropriate individuals on campus.  The form is completely anonymous if you wish, with the option to add your name and contact information if you would like us to follow up with you directly.

Web Accessibility Benchmarking and Planning (past project)

In Fall 2012, a small cross-campus team completed a self-study of structures supporting institutional web accessibility.  They used an online Benchmarking and Planning tool created by the GOALS project from the National Center on Disability and Access to Education.  The team submitted their findings and recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  View the executive summary of the team’s report (PDF), or Augsburg community members may read the complete report on the Accessibility Committee’s moodle site.