Web Resources

A. Style and Editing

  1. William Strunk’s original version of the Elements of Style
  2. The Chicago Manual of Style Online

B. Grammar

  1. OWL Grammar
  2. GrammarCheck

C. Dictionaries, Thesauri and Other Reference Tools

  1. Dictionary.com
  2. Thesaurus.com
  3. Oxford English Dictionary
  4. Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus
  5. Free Online Dictionary of Computing
  6. The Logos Group’s Multilingual Dictionary

D. Writing Assistance

  1. Paradigm On-Line Writing Assistance
  2. Purdue OWL General Writing Resources
  3. Duke University
  4. Writer’s Workshop

E. English Language Learners

  1. Augsburg ELL Students and the Writing Lab
  2. OWL English as a Second Language
  3. Dave’s ESL Cafe
  4. Maryville University ESL Resources

F. Evaluating Sources

  1. Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques & Questions

G. Other Reference Sources

  1. Legal Research
  2. Supreme Court Decisions