Layers of mitigations can help fight the spread of COVID-19

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We are currently seeing a post-Thanksgiving bump in regional COVID-19 cases at the same time as the first case of the omicron variant has been detected in Minnesota. It is too early to know if the omicron variant will become the dominant variant and how that will affect COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations. Members of Augsburg’s COVID-19 Task Force participate in meetings with the Minnesota Department of Health and are staying on top of news and advice regarding the variant.

We do know that it is helpful to layer mitigations as a strategy to fight the spread of COVID-19. That means not just relying on one thing, such as the vaccine or a mask, but embracing several approaches to stop the spread.

Please keep all of these effective mitigations in mind, especially as the end of the semester approaches. “Layer” as many as you can into your activities and interactions.

  • Get vaccinated or get a booster if you haven’t already done so. All adults who were vaccinated at least six months ago now qualify for boosters. 
  • Pay attention to your symptoms:
    • Complete the #CampusClear daily symptom screening app whenever you come to campus or leave a residence hall unit.
    • Stay home and stay away from others if you are sick, whether you are vaccinated or not.  
  • Wear a well-fitted face mask in indoor campus spaces, except when eating in dining areas or when in one’s own residential unit or individual office with the door closed. It’s also a good idea to wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public spaces off campus, such as in stores, places of worship, and recreational facilities.
  • Minimize the number of people you are in close contact with. This will limit the number of people who will need to quarantine or get tested if you test positive for COVID-19.
  • Get tested if you experience symptoms or if you were in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

If you are vaccinated and test positive for COVID-19, or if you are unvaccinated and test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone with COVID-19, complete the COVID-19 self-report form so that the Augsburg’s COVID-19 Response Team can follow up with you to ensure the appropriate next steps are taken.