Augsburg Campuswide COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

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As of Monday, August 30, more than 80% of Augsburg students, staff, and faculty were fully vaccinated. Additionally, more than 86% have at least one dose, so we expect the fully vaccinated number to continue to increase over the next few weeks.

Augsburg’s vaccinate rate combines student and faculty/ staff rates. The student rate is calculated using an aggregate report from the Minnesota Department of Health, which covers nearly 94% of students, in all programs, registered for the fall semester. This MDH report does not provide the status of individual students, but does confirm the aggregate number of registered students who have at least one dose of the vaccine and who are fully vaccinated. The faculty and staff rate is a much smaller portion of the overall rate and currently is based on self-reported data from employees. The faculty and staff rate will be updated with actual data when the status of all employees’ vaccinations have been verified.

As previously communicated, Augsburg extended its mask mandate through September in order to provide additional time for those in the process of getting vaccinated to receive their final doses. During this time, it is important that we all continue to follow the behaviors that will help keep you and those around you healthy.

Finally, we still need to confirm the individual vaccination status for some students, and we will continue to follow up with those individuals until all students have met the requirements of Augsburg’s vaccine mandate. Failure to meet the mandate requirements may result in disciplinary review, so if you receive an email regarding your vaccination status, please respond to it promptly.