Moderate Transmission Rate On Campus, Statewide Rates Continue to Decline

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Augsburg’s on-campus student case rate moved into the moderate range (1% to 3% of the on-campus student population) during the week of February 9 – 13.

Most of the recent positive cases were identified through the Athletics Department’s surveillance testing program, which tests all active student-athletes and Athletics staff three times per week.  As a result of the recent test results, a significant number of student-athletes are following the isolation and quarantine protocols recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health, which also has practice and competition schedules for a number of teams.

We are grateful to Augsburg’s Athletics trainers, coaches, and leadership for the quick response in following up with each of the individuals who tested positive or were in close contact with someone who tested positive in order to help contain the risk of additional exposure or transmission.

Meanwhile, statewide metrics in Minnesota remain encouraging. Cases and test positivity rates continued to decline slightly in the first half of February, and vaccine supplies are beginning to increase.