Low On-Campus Case Rate Coincides With Slight Statewide Decline

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Augsburg’s on-campus student COVID-19 transmission rate has been in the low range for the past two weeks (though cases could still be confirmed for that time period and bump the rate into the moderate range). The decline in cases could be the result of fewer people getting tests, decreased exposures as a result of actions taken to comply with the most recent Minnesota Governor’s executive order (including the pause in athletics practices), less activity on campus in the final weeks of the semester, or, likely some combination of factors.

The decline coincides with a drop in cases across Minnesota in the latter half of November. The number of cases and hospitalizations still remains very high, but has declined slightly in recent weeks a mid-November peak. If that decline is going to be offset as a result of gatherings and social interaction over Thanksgiving, the numbers will begin to show as early as later this week. MPR’s David Montgomery provides a helpful overview of case and testing rates in the December 7 Understanding COVID Today newsletter.

Because it takes a number of weeks for case rates to come back down after mitigation efforts are enacted and because case numbers across the state are still quite high even after the decline in the past two weeks, member of the Augsburg community should continue to carefully adhere to public health guidelines. Wearing masks, maintaining distance, and reducing time and proximity in interactions are important ways to protect your health in these last two weeks of the semester.