Personal Deals & Discounts

Those associated with Augsburg University may have access to several deals and discounts for their personal use; please read the eligibility in each discount description:

Davanni’s Pizza and Hot Hoagies

Davanni’s is a proud sponsor of Augsburg Athletics. They welcome all Augsburg students, faculty and staff to get a discount when visiting the restaurant (dine-in or take-out) or get delivery. Just ask for the 10% “Auggiematic Discount”. Visit them at 2500 Riverside Avenue, call 612-332-5551, or order on-line at

A. Johnson & Sons Florist

A. Johnson & Sons will donate 20% of your purchase to the Augsburg Fund.  Simply state you are Augsburg faculty, staff, student, alumni, or parent of a student. If your purchase is to be delivered to an ACTC school, the delivery is free.  Delivery to other locations is $9.99. Order at 651-698-6000 or online at

Verizon Wireless

Because Augsburg uses Verizon Wireless for our critical campus phones, Augsburg faculty and staff are eligible for a discount on their personal Verizon service. Bring a copy of a recent pay stub (feel free to black out your pay info) to a Verizon store and reference ECPD #946999 to get the discount. This discount must be obtained in person.


Augsburg faculty, staff and students are eligible to get Augsburg College contract negotiated prices on all Staples products – office supplies, technology, and much more. Discounted prices are available for on-line shopping and in retail stores.  You will also get free next-business-day delivery to your home for on-line orders $35 and more, and lowest price available in store if there happens to be a store promotion better than our contract price.

Car Rental

Augsburg University access to these rental car contracts for business travel also allows faculty and staff to use them for personal/leisure car rentals. If you wish, enroll in the each company’s “club”; membership may allow for quicker on-line reservations, expedited check-in and other benefits. Make your reservation on-line or by phone. State that you are using the E&I contract and provide the ID number.

  • National or (800)227-7368, discount program codes- BUSINESS USE: XZ19A28 for flat rate, insurance excluded; LEISURE USE: XZ19A29 for 10% discount on best available price, insurance excluded.
  • Enterprise or (800)736-8222, discount program codes- BUSINESS USE: XZ19A28 for flat rate, insurance excluded; LEISURE USE: XZ19A29 for 5% discount on best available price, insurance excluded.
  • Hertz or (800)654-2200, contract ID/CDP number 2081516. 5-25% discount.  Check box lower left “Enter a Discount or Promo Code”, then enter the CDP number in the first box, then any additional promo code in the next box.  Also, $250 off purchase of a car from Hertz Car Sales.
  • Dollar or (800)800-4000. contract ID/CD number 3046847. 5% discount, minimum age 25.
  • Thrifty or (800)-847-4389. contract ID/CD number 3046848. 5% discount, minimum age 25.

As always, be a good shopper and do not assume that these are the best prices in every market in every situation.