Finance and Accounting

Located in Science Hall 148, Administrative Accounting and Finance is responsible for monitoring, recording, and reporting on Augsburg’s financial resources.  Our team manages and reports on all University accounting and Treasury functions, restricted and designated fund and grant tracking, and coordinates fiscal budgeting and planning processes.


  • Operational accounting
  • External financial reporting
  • Debt and cash management
  • Planning and budgeting development and analysis
  • Financial and operational analysis
  • Grant accounting and agency reporting
  • Capital project reporting
  • Development and oversight of related policies and procedures


  • Rebecca John (Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)
  • John Coskran (Senior Finance Director/CFO)
  • Gerri Stepanek (Shared Services Controller)


  • Rebecca Dorscheid  (Associate Controller)
  • Carole Kampf  (Accounting Manager)
  • Mai Xiong        (Accounts Payable & Office Support Specialist)
  • Lisa Stobb       (Accountant)


  • Open Position (Director, Procurement & University Services) – Responsible for managing the purchase order process, and assisting departments with purchases to include identifying vendors and contracts, obtaining quotes, and reviewing terms.
  • Sue Abou-Nasr (Facilities & Purchasing Administrative Specialist) – Administers the purchase order process, working with internal requests for purchases and issuing purchase orders to approved vendors. Purchase requisitions are prepared by users on-line through Agresso.