Locker Rooms and Light Bulbs

A room in the midst of renovation, with exposed panels, cords, and construction equipment.In a fitting upgrade for the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the women’s locker room remodel in Si Melby Hall should be completed by the beginning of the academic year. The renovation includes much-needed improvements to the shower and toilet facilities, and each of Augsburg’s 12 women’s teams will have their own year-round team room going forward. The women’s locker room was constructed in 1979 in what was formerly a dirt-floor batting cage known as “the pit.” Prior to that time, the women’s teams used the men’s visiting team locker room. (Learn more and check out throwback images in Lindell Library’s women’s athletic archive.)

On the sustainability front, the extensive project to install LED light bulbs and fixtures across campus is also nearing completion. These minor-seeming changes make a big difference. Along with upgrades to our HVAC equipment, improvements in energy efficiency mean that we will consume less electricity than we purchase from our solar partners going forward. We expect to receive annual refunds from Xcel Energy as a result. These anticipated refunds will not only cover the cost of the lighting and HVAC upgrades themselves—they’ll also pay for the new dome and turf on the athletic field.