Asphalt Work in Lot B

An asphalt repair in Lot B will patch an uneven surface to make it smoother. The work will take place directly behind Mortensen Hall. 

Snow Removal Procedure

As winter approaches, we would like to remind members of the community about our snow removal procedure. We will remove snow from parking lots, city streets, and sidewalks in that order. Whenever snow removal is necessary, our goal is to have it done by 7:50 a.m. In addition, buckets of salt will be available at most main entrances to buildings. Anyone who sees an icy patch on campus can use the salt as needed.

Ongoing Projects Are Still on Track

The Athletic Dome is on track to go up on Monday and Tuesday, November 29 and 30. LED conversion will resume on November 29. The railing for Science 123 is on track to be installed by December 1.

Air Filtration

We continue to operate HEPA filters in classrooms, common spaces, and in offices in buildings with central HVAC systems. In buildings with central HVAC, we continue to use MERV-13 filters circulating fresh air 24 hours a day.