Science 123 Classroom Remodeling In Progress

The Science 123 renovation project, which will include the addition of tiered platforms to expand capacity, began last week with demolition of the fixed seating and removal of the old carpet. New construction will begin this week. The new chairs for the classroom have already been delivered.

Steam Trap Leak Fixed Before Service Disruption

Many of us never know about well-managed emergencies. On Thursday, September 9, maintenance staff noticed a leak involved in a high-pressure steam trap on Augsburg’s main distribution line. Facilities staff worked with MMC and Clearway Energy to fix the problem, and were able to repair the leak with no interruptions to service.

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  • What to know about cleaning office spaces.
  • Buildings with HVAC systems were upgraded with MERV-13 filters are circulating fresh air 24 hours a day. In buildings without central HVAC systems, HEPA filtration units have been added in office spaces. There are also HEPA filtration units in classrooms.
  • Staff and faculty in Memorial Hall who want to request a window air conditioner should make a Facilities request. Facilities will provide and install the unit, since the building doesn’t have central air conditioning.
  • MnDOT has had the 25th Avenue bridge fully closed for several weeks after a truck struck one of the beams. MnDOT opened the north side to traffic but the southbound side will remain closed at least until mid-October. It will require a more significant repair. MnDOT apologizes for the inconvenience.