Need a Window Air Conditioner in Memorial Hall? Make a Facilities Request

  • Staff and faculty in Memorial Hall who want to request a window air conditioner should make a Facilities request. Facilities will provide and install the unit, since the building doesn’t have central air conditioning. 
  • The second-floor classrooms of Old Main are being remodeled. The work includes new ceiling tiles, LED lights, HVAC diffusers, and carpeting. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion by May 31. 
  • Augsburg’s Day Student Government Environmental Action Committee is providing $25,000 to fund three Facilities projects. Work is underway to create a permeable path under the skyway between Lindell Library and Oren Gateway Center. The funds also will be used to install water bottle filling stations on the third through ninth floors of Urness Residence Hall. Funds were used for the LED lights that are a part of the remodeling of the Old Main second-floor classrooms. 
  • T-Mobile completed the antenna updates on the roof of Oren Gateway. Parking Lot H was closed briefly during the updates and those with permits were able to park in other campus surface lots.
  • Returning to campus? What to know about cleaning office spaces.