Stay Home Order Continues Until 5 p.m. Friday, April 10; Only Critical Staff, Some Resident Students Allowed on Campus

  • Face masks required on campusThe Stay Home executive order issued by Gov. Tim Walz continues. Fob access ended for most Augsburg community members at 11 p.m. March 27, except those who have critical work on campus and resident students granted exceptions. Those who have access are asked to maintain social distancing. Go only where you need to go and only stay on campus to complete your critical tasks. Do not linger on campus. No guests are allowed. Augsburg is trying to minimize people gathering and help custodians focus on cleaning and disinfecting student residential spaces.
  • Critical employees who are entering a space that’s been marked cleaned and disinfected, please take the sign down and put in a work order to have it cleaned and disinfected. If you plan to work multiple days in a row, please wait until your last visit to make a work order
  • A COVID-19 certified disinfecting service began March 31 daily cleaning and disinfecting of the common restrooms on all residential floors at Urness. In the other residence halls, students have their own bathrooms in their residential units.
  • Augsburg procured a quantity of cotton masks for use by public safety and facilities teams. Wearing these masks helps prevent employees from touching their faces and may help protect others from the spread of the virus. These are not the medical masks that are in short supply by the medical system. The staff receiving these also will have guidelines on how to properly use and launder them. Hand washing and social distancing still are considered primary steps to mitigate COVID-19.