Flooring and Wall Preparation in Dining Commons

A thin coat of concrete covers the existing floor in the Dining Commons.
A concrete coating levels the existing floor and provides a foundation for installation of new flooring.

Renovation continues this week in the Dining Commons, with preparation of the floor and framing new partial walls in the space.

The floor is being covered and leveled with a thin coat of concrete. New flooring will then be installed on top of the old floor.

Framing for a 3-foot wall has been installed between two square, exposed pillars in the Dining Commons.
A half-wall will be built between the area for the new salad bar and a row of banquette seating.

The frame for a half-wall is also in progress in the dining area. The wall will separate the salad bar, which will move out of the servery to improve access to food service, and new banquette seating similar to the seating against the walls in the Oren Gateway Center lobby. (See rendering below.)

Architects rendering of banquette seating against a half wall, complete with tables and stools.
Banquette seating along the new half wall will be similar to the seating in Oren Gateway Center lobby.