Dining Commons Renovation: Summer 2024

Included in Augsburg’s 2023 dining services contract is a commitment of $1.4 million from Aladdin, our dining services partner, to remodel the Dining Commons and servery of the campus dining space on the upper level of Christensen Center. That construction is taking place this summer, and the Commons will be closed until mid-August for the project.

Dining Commons demolition underway. Machines in the open space, floor being prepared for new flooring, old ceiling tiles removed
Dining Commons demolition underway.

During the summer, camps and conferences will use the main level of Christensen Center for food service and dining. Outdoor seating will also be available, as weather permits.

Areas of 2nd floor Christensen that will remain open during construction include the Augsburg Room, the University Events office space, and the Dining Services kitchen. The main Christensen Center staircase is closed for the renovation. Please use the south staircase or elevator to access the 2nd level of the building. The restrooms on the 2nd level also will remain open this summer except for a short period during which the doorways will be under construction to bring them into alignment with ADA requirements.

Renovation of the Dining Commons includes:

  • Remodeling the servery, including moving the salad bar into the dining area to create more space for food service.
  • Construction of a designated station where pork is served, in order to keep the serving dishes and utensils used for pork separate from the rest of the food serve area.
  • A mix of new furniture, including some soft-seating similar to the Oren Gateway Center lobby.
  • An expanded beverage counter and separation between the beverage service and the dish return area.
  • New flooring, ceiling, and window shades.

Additional details and updates will be posted on the Facilities web site as the renovation project progresses over the summer.