Grounds Crew’s Priorities for Spring Campus Maintenance

A student lies reading a book and drinking an iced coffee under a tree with bare branches in Murphy SquareNow that temperatures largely are remaining above freezing, Augsburg’s groundskeeping team has begun a variety of spring maintenance work on campus. Due to staff vacancies on the maintenance team, Augsburg did not have dedicated grounds staff during January and February. We were pleased to welcome Justin Wells as our new groundskeeper earlier this month and look forward to an assistant groundskeeper joining Augsburg in early April. Following are some of the near-term priorities for their work:

First, this winter’s repeated thaw and refreeze cycle has left roadways in the region with a significant number of potholes. Augsburg’s facilities team used the City of Minneapolis website to report many of the large potholes on city streets in and around campus. A number of those have already been repaired, and Augsburg’s groundskeepers have started repair on potholes located on Augsburg-managed streets.* Facilities will continue to report potholes as needed this spring, but please note that anyone can use the link above for reporting potholes in need of repair on Minneapolis city streets.

In addition to the street work, the grounds crew is planning turf repair in areas where snow removal equipment dug up the turf near sidewalks across campus. The combination of significant snowfalls and soft (unfrozen) ground this year increased the areas where turf maintenance is needed this spring.

Finally, as the snow continues to melt, the Augsburg grounds team will continue to treat walkways in order to reduce ice forming from refreezing melted snow and will work throughout campus to remove litter that melting snowdrifts leave behind.


*Which streets on campus are City of Minneapolis streets and which are Augsburg streets? Most streets throughout campus are owned, maintained, and monitored by the City of Minneapolis. All streets with meters, Minneapolis parking signs, or signs indicating the even or odd side of the street are City of Minneapolis streets. Augsburg streets include those marked for Augsburg commuter parking, including 8th Street South between 20th and 21st avenues and 21st Avenue S from the roundabout in front of Hagfors Center to the freeway wall.